Feed The Faith Fundraiser 

The Women at the Well Committee have started this fundraiser to support the Educational supplies for adults and teens coming into the church through RCIA-RCIT programs.  It also supports continuing education for all adult members for the purchase of bible studies, Advent & Lent programs, or guest speakers.

Pick up your orders on the weekend of October 17th-18th after Masses. The pick up area will be the Believer's Together Center- Dining Room Door.

Pick up Times:

Saturday, October 17th  5:30-6:00pm

Sunday, October 18th    8:30-9:00am

                                  or 11:30-12 noon


Home-made Caramel Apples

Place your orders by October 12th for our home-made caramel apples. 

We will have them ready for you to pick up on the weekend of October 17th-18th after all the Masses.

The cost is $3.00

for one apple

$5.00 for 2 or more...

4 apples-$10,

6 apples-$15,

8 apples-$20,

10 apples-$25

12 apples-$30

or more!

Place your order

and pay