Believers Together Basket Raffle

Give and gifts will be given to you; a good measure, packed together, shaken down, and overflowing...     Luke 6:38 

Week 3     Drawing date:Oct 23rd  time: 2 pm

Welcome To Our Annual Basket Raffle!

This year the baskets will be raffled a few at a time, every week. The raffle started in October, and will continue through November or into December.

Raffle drawing date is posted at the top of this page.

Note: You can get a closer look at the items if you click on these pictures.

Drawings will take place on the date and time posted above.  Tune in to our Facebook page for the live drawing.


This collection of baskets are no longer

available for chances.

The Winners are:

#13 Marlene Mohr

#14  Sandy Whitmer

#15  Jane Gish

#16  Dianne Stoffa

#17  Myrtle Ross

#18  Betty Gryp

Basket  #13

"My New Baby Doll"

A Newborn size baby doll that responds to different touches.  Also, a basinet/carrier, blanket, pillow, baby bottle, mini diaper bag, and 8 complete clothing outfits.

Basket #15

"Mexican Fiesta At Home"

Entertain your friends with Margaritas, chips and dip.  Includes a mini crockpot with recipe for a Hot Mexican Dip, and most of the ingredients needed. A bottle of Chi Chi's Margaritas, and $25 Hy-Vee Gift card.

(Must be 21 or older to claim this prize)

Six pack wine.JPG

Basket #17

"A Six-Pack Of Wine"

Stock up your wine cellar with 6 bottles of wine. Includes a Merlot, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato, a Red Moscato, & Chardonnay, with a handy Wine rack to display your collection. (Must be 21 or older to claim this prize)


Basket #14

"Gettin' Clean For Halloween"

This adorable wall/door hanging has a cute skeleton guy sitting in a cauldron filled with spooky bubbles. Has a battery operated "Eyeball" lights. Handmade by Chris Colman

Basket #16

Hand-made Holy Trinity Rosary

A handmade rosary made with natural amazonite stones. Features a unique Holy Trinity cross with The Father, Son, & Spirit. Naturally beautiful and well balanced feel.

Celebrate Win.JPG

Basket #18

"Celebrate The Win"

Lot's of Scratch-off Lotto tickets (Lucky ones of course!) and a bottle of Chardonnay to celebrate.  Also includes a metal photo display holder.  (Must be 21 or older to claim this prize)